95 years and 126 productions, CMTC continues to provide top class entertainment to Chesham and the surrounding areas.


26 April 2017 - It's opening night!!! All the rehearsals and hard work front and backstage have finally paid off - Just FIVE opportunities for you to see this show between today and Saturday. Book tickets at the Elgiva 01494 582900

  • Our CurrentProduction - GYPSY @ The Elgiva Theatre, April 2017

    26th to 29th April @ 7.45pm and 29th April @ 2.30pm


    Rose and her two daughters, Baby June and Louise, play the vaudeville circuit around the United States in the early 1920s. Rose, the archetype of a stage mother, is aggressive and domineering, pushing her children to perform. While June is an extroverted, talented child star, the older girl, Louise, is shy.


    This is the first production of GYPSY for CMTC and we will be bringing Vaudeville and Burlesque theatre to the Elgiva in April 2017.


    For more information go to the latest production page by clicking here

  • Our Last Autumn Production- Acorn Antiques @ The Beacon School, Nov 2016

    Acorn Antiques is a small antiques business run by sisters Miss Babs and Miss Berta in the fictional town of Manchesterford. They are “helped” by Mrs Overall, their friend Mr Clifford and two new and rather

    dense trainees, Hugh and Mimi. Miss Berta was once the fiancée of Mr Clifford but he suffered a bang on the head and has lost his memory. Despite this, Miss Berta still loves him and longs to be his wife.


    Sales in the antiques business are not good and one day disaster strikes as the landlord has sold their shop and all the other shops along the street to a property developer and the traditional businesses are being replaced with “faceless chains”. Disaster is looking them in the face.....do they want a Hong Kong thong, Botox booth and Grubby Garter pole dancing in Manchesterford?


    Desperate for additional funds for Acorn Antiques the unlikely plot unfolds, a fortune needs to be found....but where?

    Are there really triplets?.........and who is their mother?

    Tony, a loan shark, is sniffing around but will he get his wicked way?

    Will Acorn Antiques survive? Will there ever be a happy ending?  How far can soap operas be sent up?

    All these questions and more will be answered .....eventually, if you can stop laughing long enough.


    The production ran from 2nd to 5th November 2016, audience reaction was very favourable with a sold out night and almost full houses on other nights. Photos and archive information will be added to Past Productions as soon as possible.


  • Our Last Spring Production - Jesus Christ Superstar, April 2016

    Borrowing from the Gospels of the New Testament, the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar tells the story of the last seven days of Jesus Christ’s life from the point of view of Judas Iscariot. As the show opens, Judas is growing concerned that Jesus’ followers will be perceived as a threat to the occupying Roman Empire. Indeed, priests Caiaphas, Annas and others gather and agree that Jesus and his movement must be crushed. An exalted Jesus arrives in Jerusalem only to find the temple filled with unsavoury merchants and moneylenders.

    Overrun by a flood of people needing his help, he tells them to heal themselves, and his confidante Mary Magdalene has to calm him down. Judas, fearing the movement is getting out of Jesus’ control and hoping to force Jesus into revealing himself as the true Son of God, goes to the priests and the Romans and tells them Jesus will be in the Garden of Gethsemane the following night. He receives 30 pieces of silver as payment. At the Garden, Judas arrives with Roman soldiers and identifies Jesus with a kiss on the cheek.

    Jesus is arrested and sent to Caiaphas, then Pontius Pilate, King Herod and finally Pilate again, who condemns his to death on the cross after abdicating responsibility. Judas realises that his plan has failed and hangs himself shortly before Jesus is crucified, knowing that he will be remembered only as a traitor and not as the true disciple he saw himself to be.

  • About Chesham Musical Theatre Company

    Entertaining Chesham for 95 years

    CMTC has been delighting audiences for nearly a century! The company has seen generations of talented singers, dancers and actors treading the boards in an array of theatrical productions, sending members out into the professional world and welcoming former professionals into the ranks.

    In the early days, the company performed traditional Gilbert & Sullivan operas. Over time, however, our repertoire became more diverse with shows such as Fiddler on the Roof, The Pajama Game, Guys and Dolls, Me and My Girl, Annie Get your Gun and Kiss me Kate.

    With the opening of the new Elgiva Theatre, we seized the opportunity to take a fresh approach, turning to new musicals such as Oliver, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Copacabana, Happy as a Sandbag, South Pacific, Hot Mikado, My Fair Lady, It's A Musical World or Carousel.

    Whether we produce a modern musical or a more traditional classic, we always try to keep them innovative, exciting and bursting with creativity to ensure that both our audiences and our members enjoy the show.

    Our last production was Victoria Wood's Acorn Antiques in Autumn 2016, and we are currently rehearsing the great American musical, Gypsy. This will be on stage at the Elgiva, Chesham from 26th to 29th April, 2017.

  • Interested in joining?

    We are always looking out for new talent both performing on stage and supporting back stage.


    CMTC is a Musical Theatre group so for onstage performance you will need to be able to demonstrate basic singing ability, in addition for shows there would be dance auditions and obviously part auditions which would look at acting, singing and if required movement and dance. To join the company initially you will have to pass an audition in front of the committee, this is a basic get to know you and confirm your singing talents.


    For backstage there are a variety of roles that are needed to be filled during shows, they range from Stage Management, Lighting design and operation, pros management and in some instances we may do set building and painting.


    There are also roles for makeup, hair, front of house that all need willing volunteers to assist with.


    Contact us for any of these roles by email or telephone from here.

    Go HERE for information on the costs involved... sorry there are some but they are not extortionate for what you get out of it


    Please note that performers are required to have had their 16th birthday before the start of a show week to be eligible for membership.

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