All you need to know about joining us

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Membership Information

CMTC is an adult theatrical company, normal membership is open to anyone 16 and over. On occasions we will open membership up on a per show basis to under 16's - examples would be for shows like Oliver!, Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof where there are parts specifically for younger performers.
We will always make announcements on the website, twitter and facebook about shows that are open to under 16's.

A minimum level of behaviour is expected from all members and this is laid out in our rules and code of conduct that you will receive on joining.

Membership fees are payable annually and a show levy needs to be paid for each production in a year that you take part in, the show levy helps to fund the costs of productions


Normal rehearsal days are Wednesdays and Thursdays, the 'chorus' day will be decided by the production team once availability of director, choreographer is determined for each show.
A show schedule will be provided shortly after the launch event.

Rehearsals are scheduled from 19:45 to 22:15, this allows 15 minutes at the start and end or a mid rehearsal tea-break, as decided by the director/producers.

There will also be about 4 Sunday rehearsals in the second half of the rehearsal period, any rehearsals on the schedule that you cannot make should be notified to the production team as early as possible.

Punctuality is very important and you are asked to be prompt at all rehearsals as directed.

Theatre/Venue Information

A production will usually constitute a number of performances, these will be announced at the launch night, there will always be a 'show week', this will not only include the shows but also the additional in venue rehearsals that are needed.

Typically they would be:

  • Get-In ~ This is the period of time to set up the theatre/venue with scenery, lighting and sound, assistance is always gratefully received.
  • Band Call ~ This usually takes place the same day as the Get-In, usually about 4 hours where you get to sing with the full band/orchestra.
  • Technical Rehearsal ~ this may be one or two evenings, it is primarily there for the technical crew to rehearse lighting, scenery and sound for the show, it is a very difficult rehearsal and will usually involve starting a scene, cutting and jumping to a song or the end of the scene. A HUGE amount of patience, respect and listening to instuction is needed by all.
  • Dress Rehearsal ~ A full perfomance starting at the scheduled show time, in full costume, with full orchestra, there will be no stoppages unless for reasons of safety.