White Horse Inn

Show dates: April 1975


Josepha Vogelhuber, widowed proprietress of the inn, is largely indifferent to the amorous intentions of her headwaiter, Leopold. Josepha prefers Dr. Otto Siedler, a visiting city solicitor who eyes fellow hotel guest Ottilie, daughter of a brash Berlin manufacturer, Giesecke.

Sigismund Sülzheimer, son of Giesecke's business rival, has been sent by his father to marry Ottilie. But Sigismund ends up with yet another lady-on-holiday (lisping Klärchen), while Ottilie waltzes off with "The Devil's Advocate", as her father calls Dr. Siedler. This leaves Josepha heartbroken and Leopold insane with jealousy. None other than Emperor Franz Josef himself intercedes to dispense his own gentle wisdom to Josepha.

By curtain fall, she yields to Leopold's wooing, Sigismund marries Klärchen, and Ottilie Dr. Siedler. Giesecke finally succumbs to the charms of St. Wolfgang and asks his new son-in-law to map out a peace treaty with the Sülzheimer family.

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