Red Hot and Cole

Show dates: October 2009


Red Hot & Cole celebrates the life of one of the great songwriters of all time: Cole Porter. This two-act revue traces Cole's career from Indiana to the world stages of New York, London, Paris and Venice. It takes you through his marriage, his friendships with the great contemporaries of his age and the tragic riding accident that crippled him mid-career, physically, but not artistically.

A scintillating mixture of biography and song, “Red Hot & Cole” features over 25 Cole Porter standards and truly celebrates this great American songwriter who brought style, elegance and sophistication to Broadway and Hollywood. Delighting the world with his devilishly clever rhymes, fresh and unexpected melodies and sassy, sexy sensibility, it’s a champagne tribute to a glittering age gone by, and the man and talent that was Cole Porter.

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