A Cocktail of Cabaret

Show dates: 20th - 23rd October 2010


Have you ever sat in a bar or a pub and just people watched? Or perhaps you have found yourself listening in on another conversation, one that is far more interesting than your own! If you have, then you will know what a diverse and interesting place these establishments can be.

When we sat down to think of the format for this show, we wanted the music and entertainment to be just that, diverse and interesting. Sitting in a pub ourselves, pondering on how we could make a concert just that little bit different, we noticed a cocktail menu above the bar and bang! - the idea of ‘A Cocktail of Cabaret’ was born.

Straight away we set about thinking of songs that would leave people feeling uplifted and emotional (well you are in a bar, how else are you meant to feel when leaving?!) and we think the songs we chose will hopefully leave you feeling drunk with emotion - minus the nausea and anti-social behaviour that is!

So, sit back and relax as we serve you up ‘A Cocktail of Cabaret’.

Awards and Nominations

Placed Fifth in the Whitbread Trophy for Programme Design (Standard Class)