Side by Side by Sondheim

Show dates: 29th - 31st October 2015


The musical is in the form of a revue, with various sections tied together by being from a particular Sondheim musical, or having a common theme, and all of it tied together by the Narrator. He explains what show the songs are from, and in some cases provides background on why a song was written. He also notes comparing and contrasting Sondheim themes for the audience.

As the cast enters they sing "Comedy Tonight", and then "Love Is in the Air", the Narrator explains that the latter song was the original opener for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum but was dropped in favor of the more explicit lyrics of "Comedy Tonight". The Narrator notes that a theme that Sondheim has explored in many of his works is marriage, which introduces the next set of songs.

Next are the unknown songs, one cut and one from a television program ("I Remember"). The medley from Company follows, and Act 1 closes with Follies, with the Narrator pointing out the different musical styles Sondheim has used in these songs, such as Vaudeville ("Buddy's Blues"). The female trio sing "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" as the Act ends.

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