Acorn Antiques The Musical!

Show dates: 2nd - 5th November 2016


Based on the soap opera of the same name by Victoria Wood and set in an antiques dealer, the plot revolves around the original (fictional) actors reprising their roles from stage. However, against their wishes, the overbearing director adapts it into a gritty commentary on British suburban life, despite the fact that the cast just want to have fun.

After a disastrous dress rehearsal, the cast hijack the show and return it to its original roots, taking it to the West End, funded by a cast member’s lottery win.

The second act is the ‘musical within the musical’ and is much more like the original series. Sisters Miss Babs and Miss Berta run "Acorn Antiques", supported and amused by their friends including Mr Clifford and cleaner Mrs Overall. As the plot unfolds, the sisters are faced with financial woes, and family secrets as they discover they have a third sister, who deviously fires Mrs Overall. Will Mrs Overall return and will Miss Berta and Mr Clifford finally get together?

Awards and Nominations

Winner the Harvey Kessleman Comedy Award, Katy Devine, Mrs Overall


Show Photos