Please note membership is limited to persons over the age of 16 in the week prior to a show they would be in.


So 15 yrs and 7mths at the start of rehearsals.

Membership information that you will need to know


Subscriptions are due on November 1st or within two months of joining.


Annual subscription (16+): £30.00 for the first member of a household and £20.00 per person for further members of the same household.


Student subs: £10.00


Vice Presidents: £30.00, then £20 for further members of the same household.


Patrons: £5.00


Non Playing/Concert Party Members: not less than £15.00 (in other words, any more than that is welcome but voluntary).

A Non Playing/Concert Party Member may become a full member of the Company again at any time, subject to paying the appropriate subscription, or the difference between the two if Non Playing/Concert Party Membership has already been paid for the season concerned.



Show levy: variable per show. For Gypsy: £65 for adults (16+), £20 for children.


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