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All is not well at Saucy Jack’s... The evil shadow of a serial killer looms over the bar; cabaret acts are being killed off one by one, found stabbed by the heel of a sequinned slingback shoe. We meet and hear the dreams and fears of some of the characters in the bar: down-trodden waitress Booby Shevalle, talented young saxophonist Sammy Sax, willing barman Mitch Maypole and eccentric regular at the bar, Dr. Wilma von Whackoff.

There is much excitement at the explosive arrival of Chesty Prospects, a plastic smuggling outlaw: there's an eco-war going on in this part of the galaxy and fashionable fabrics like bubble-wrap have been made illegal. Chesty charms the bar, talks business with Jack and heralds the arrival of The Space Vixens. These super fashion crime fighters from a groovier galaxy are part celebrity, part super-hero: strong, sexy, liberated...and all woman! Their mission is to fight crime and liberate the universe harnessing the Power of Disco.

So come along and become immersed in a world of glitter-boots and unadulterated funk - and find out if the slingback killer will be brought to justice...

Space Vixens

 Join the Space Vixens and help bring justice to the universe!

Parental Guidance - PG14, not recommended for under 14's due to nature of the production